Channeled messages and consultations

60 Min Reading




  • Free Chakra Energy Clearing
  • Recording of your reading
  • PDF of Names (Guides, Angels, etc.)
  • Connect with Loved ones,
  • Connect with Spirit Guides

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)




  • Self-Improvement
  • Recording of Session
  • Aligns with your modality
  • Hypnosis Option
  • Connect  with Subconscious Mind

In- person Hypnosis Sessions in Northern Virginia

James conducts in-person Hypnosis Sessions and Past Life Regressions by Appointment only. 

Reading Topics

James has done 3,000+ readings since 1991.

During a private consultation with James, he will perform a clearing on the client, 

which reveals much valuable information for the client. Topics such as:

Career Potential:

Ask spirit for employment with a viable company and career potential within that company.
For students and their career path.
For those that have lost their job and need assistance with the next step.

Names… James’ Gift:

Companies with their name in selecting a name with the highest vibration.
Can tell you all about a person when their name is provided.
A Spirit's name.

Spirit assistance with:

Your Life journey.
Personal relationships.
Past life influences on your life now.
Spiritual guidance and your Karmic agreements.

.  A conversation with loved ones and friends that have passed over.

Channels Reiki Masters and can provide the name of your Reiki Master.
Channels many actors and actresses that bring laughter, inspiration, and encouragement.

Disclaimer: James only repeats information directly as it is relayed to him from Spirit; he is not responsible for how the information is used, or interpreted, and does not provide medical, psychological or legal advice. Must be 18 Years of age. If you are under 18 please provide written permission for parent or guardian. 

James will give you a Free Chakra Energy Clearing with your reading.

Channeled Information

Spirits that are channeled are very positive and come from love; they want the best for you. James repeats the words and phrases as they are provided by Spirit; it is up to the client to “connect the dots” and interpret the information. The client may ask questions during their reading for complete understanding of what is being revealed. James provides private psychic consultations, telephone readings, and holds channeled classes that are teachings directly from the Ascended Masters, as well as, many well-known doctors and scientists in spirit. All clients will receive a recording of their session.

Soul Drawing Readings and Spiritual Art

James's Daughter Caroline is also a gifted Psychic and Channeler. She can create a personalized Soul Drawing Reading to help inspire you on your journey.

A Soul Drawing is a reading that is drawn using colored pencils. Your drawing is channeled from your DNA, Chakras, Past Life information, Emotions, and more. The information is for the highest good and is meant to be inspirational. With your reading, you will receive a unique piece of art that reflects your energy. If you are interested in an appointment, I can do in person or online via a webcam. For distance readings, I can mail you the soul drawing. If you would prefer a picture, I can email/text you an image of your drawing. 

Distance Appointments: Soul Drawings are possible from a distance with a web cam. You will be able to see your drawing being created using Google Hangouts App or Facebook Messenger. You drawing can be mailed to you (shipping charges apply) photographed or both. 

Please visit for more info and examples of Soul Drawings.

Caroline is an Artist who can help inspire you with Artwork of Animals, Angels, Fairies, Pet portraits, Book Illustrations, and more!

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James Mastbrook has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience since childhood. He has had two near-death experiences and has seen the “other side” for himself. He also has the gift of psychometry, and a comprehensive understanding of the esoteric mysteries. He is also accomplished in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP); hypnosis; Ho o’ ponopono forgiveness.

* Please Note: James only repeats information directly as it is relayed to him from Spirit; he is not responsible for how the information is used, or interpreted, and does not provide medical, psychological or legal advice.

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